In 1984, NITCO diversified into the business of Importing, Processing & Distribution of Marble in India. We are the Pioneers in Marble Trade in India. Today we are one of the largest Importers & Suppliers of Natural Marble and Engineered Marble.

NITCO gets the Best Quality Marble from quarries in Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Iran, China etc. We have a team of experienced inspectors who visit the quarries across the countries of origin throughout the year to source the best blocks. The underlying criterion for selection of material is aesthetics and beauty. We also look at the other criteria like shape of blocks, size, cutting direction, weight, etc. to get the best in terms of economy and reduce wastage.

NITCO offers a wide range of Natural Marble – with its Subtle but Elegant Variations & also Engineered Marble – remarkably consistent in Appearance, yet Aesthetically Appealing.

In March 2010, we have installed and commenced a Fully-Automated State-of-the-Art Plant in Silvassa using the most Modern Italian Technology (Breton) to process Natural Marble with an investment of over Rs 125 Crores. It is only 5th such plant in the world and First in India.
The plant boasts of entire process line of Marble Cutting, Fiber-Filling and Grinding-Polishing with no manual labor and the best quality and consistency in Natural Marble in India. The consumables used in the plant are all imported from the world’s best sources. We use the best quality Epoxy Resin & Imported Fiber Glass Net in our plant to add strength and durability to the slabs of Natural Marble. The Grinding-Polishing line delivers the highest gloss of above 30% more than conventional polishing.
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